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16 Must Have Postpartum Care Items

16 Must Have Postpartum Care Items

Moms, please take the time to make sure you have what you need to be as comfortable as possible after giving birth.  Self-care is so important for you.  Making sure you are receiving the best care, will help you to be an even more amazing mother. 

Happy moms=happy babies!

We spend so much time on preparing for the arrival of baby, that we forget moms have postpartum needs as well.  Over the years of offering postpartum doula services in the Cleveland and Akron areas, we have complied a list of the 16 must have postpartum care items that we find to be the most helpful to our clients.

  • Postpartum Healing Pads– These are very soothing if you are swollen or sore after giving birth.  Mix witch hazel and a small dollop of pure aloe vera gel in a spray bottle and shake well.  Spray on maxi pad and store in a Ziploc bag or in aluminum foil and store in the freezer.  Use as needed.  You may also find relief from just using the witch hazel.
  • Heavy Maxi-Pads or Depends briefs/inserts– You will have bleeding for up to 6 weeks after giving birth whether vaginally or by cesarean.
  • Granny Panties– You may want to invest in a package of larger cotton briefs.  You will be wearing heavy duty maxi-pads for a few weeks and might find these larger panties more comfortable and not as concerned with possible staining.
  • Intimate Wipes and Peri-Bottle– Intimate wipes leave you feeling clean and fresh after a bowel movement and won’t irritate your delicate bottom.  They are usually found in the toilet paper aisle.  The hospitable and/or midwife may give you a peri-bottle to help gently clean after using the bathroom.  You can also buy a spray bottle for the same use.
  • Nursing Pads– It is common to experience milk leaking, especially in the early days and weeks.  These may be bought in disposable and reusable versions.
  • Mother’s Milk Tea– Not only is this tea delicious, it can be used to help boost milk supply.  You will need 4+16 Must Have Postpartum Care Items tea cups a day for the boost, but that is easy to do if you make a cup before each breastfeeding session!  The most readily available brands are Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk and Yogi Women’s Nursing Support Tea.     
  • Earth Angel Postpartum Bath Herbs & Earth Angel Nipple Cream – Can be purchased at Target for sure….might be available at Walgreens.  
  • Peri-bottle (hospital should send you home with one) 
  • Intimate Wipes for those “not so fresh” moments
  • 2-3 good nursing bras

Other goodies:16 Must Have Postpartum Care Items basket

  • Snacks– It is wonderful to have health and tasty snacks. Think trail mix, nuts, dries fruit and anything you like.
  • Water Bottle or cup– Hydration is very important!  Many nursing mothers find that they are immediately thirsty when they sit down to nurse.  It’s helpful to have a cup filled with cold water available any where you may sit to nurse.  Choose a cup or bottle with a straw so you can nurse and drink at the same time.
  • Journal- You may be reflecting a lot during this time.  A journal can be a great place to keep track of thoughts, baby’s milestones to baby’s sleep, diaper changes and/or nursing times.
  • Book-Nursing or pumping for a newborn can be very time consuming.  This is your chance to catch up on some reading.
  • Small Basket with handle-  A little portable nursing station!  It is great to put all of your supplies such as nipple cream, snacks, water bottle, journal, book, burp clothes, a few diapers, etc.) into a small basket that you can have wherever you are nursing.

We hope you found this list helpful in your postpartum planning! If you have additional questions on postpartum care or any of our services, please give us a call 216-409-5403, or contact us here

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