Birth & Postpartum Doulas Go Together Like…

I had planned on writing a blog about being a Postpartum Doula in Cleveland for my next blog entry, but after Connie Machan AKA “Doula Nana” wrote a wonderfulblog on being a birth doula for me, I had the honor of reciprocating with a piece on the work of a postpartum doula for her. The blog, “What is a postpartum doula?”, can be found here.

Once you read & understand exactly what birth & postpartum doulas provide, the next step is learning how they can work together to provide you and your family with continued care through the whole birthing process.

In American culture the focus is on pregnancy, childbirth and then the newborn. Unfortunately, the new mom and family can be easily overlooked. Mom needs to heal/recover from childbirth, has many emotions and is exhausted. The partner is also exhausted, dealing with emotions and going through a transition. And baby is dealing with a brand new environment which includes days and nights! While we have classes to prep for childbirth and support for pregnancy, there are very few classes and support options offered that deal with the issues and preparations needed for the postpartum time.

“The beauty of being a postpartum doula, working with a birth doula, is the ability to watch mothers receive the continuum of care.”

The beauty of being a postpartum doula, working with a birth doula, is the ability to watch mothers receive the continuum of care. Connie starts with the mothers/families during their pregnancy through the birth and I immediately serve the mother/families from the birth through the postpartum period (a 12 week period following the birth of a newborn). If birth was traumatic or Mom was nervous about breastfeeding in the hospital, if there were unexpected medical or emotional issues after the birth, Connie can immediately communicate these issues to Lisa. Thus, we provide complete “bookend care” for moms and families!

Connie and I love to work as a team for families. When we serve the same family, we are able to communicate throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods. This allows us to have a fluid transition from Connie’s birth care to my postpartum care– a seamless transition that benefits moms, newborns and their families.

With Connie’s nursing/teaching background and my social work/families studies background, we are able to provide a service to our clients that is unique and all encompassing!

For information on Connie Machan’s birth services, please visit For more information on Lisa Falkenstein’s postpartum services please click here.

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