Morning Sickness – Home Remedies?

Morning Sickness – Home Remedies?

    A popular topic in many pregnancy forums is morning sickness and more specifically, how to help with morning sickness.  Let’s first start by talking about what is morning sickness?

– Morning sickness tends to show up around weeks 4-6 and lessens by week 9-12. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, as I was, it could last much longer.

– No one really knows what causes it, yet scientist theorize it is hormonal.

– It is characterized by nausea and/or vomiting, and can include a strong aversion to smells and certain foods.

– While mom may be miserable, baby is generally unaffected by common morning sickness.

   ( I should pause here to mention that there is a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum that can be much more serious. It is characterized by persistent nausea, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, and electrolyte imbalances.  This serious condition can affect your baby and you should contact your health care provider if you suspect you may have it. The use of IV fluids and medications may be warranted. )

    After working with many pregnant woman over the years, we have collected many tips and tricks women have recommended to help ease their morning sickness.  As always, we advise you check with your health care provider about whether a possible home remedy may be right for you.

    The following are some morning sickness remedies that our clients have sworn by:

Preggie PopsMorning Sickness 3

– Atomic Fireballs

– Cinnamon Gum

– Lemonheads, Sour Patch Kids, or other sour candies.

– Papaya Enzymes

– Lemon Water

Morning Sickness 2– Vitamin B6 plus Unisom before bed (Always consult your physician before taking any medications)

– Ginger Tea

– Saltines

– Sniffing Orange/Lemon Essential Oil

– Coconut Water

– Anything Peppermint: tea, candy and essential oil

Morning Sickness 4Sea Bands

– Tums

– Sleeping propped up

– Eating first thing in the morning and not allowing yourself to get too hungry

    While many moms have found relief from morning sickness from the above remedies, they may not be right for you.  Do you have any tried and true remedies for morning sickness?  If so, we’d love to hear them!

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