Postpartum Doula Support – One Mom’s Story

Postpartum Doula Support – One Mom’s Story

At the end of my time performing postpartum doula services for clients, I always ask if they would be willing to provide me with a testimonial of my services and how it impacted their postpartum care. While I have been doing this for a number of years, I always try to keep learning and improving. Often times, they provide me with some of the most heart-touching and beautiful words.

Below is one such testimonial I received from an amazing mother whom I had the pleasure of serving for several months. I truly felt her testimony encompassed the support that I believe a postpartum doula should provide for their clients:

“Lisa is a gifted postpartum doula. She provides a sense of calm, slows down the clock, and helps moms to experience the joy of their newborn in those early, intimidating, sleep-deprived days of motherhood. Lisa respectfully provides guidance while supporting your parenting philosophy. She encourages bonding and attachment by assisting you with nursing, kangaroo care, and baby wearing. If nursing is not your choice or formula is a necessity, she will support you every step of the way. She has research-based knowledge and is full of practical mommy tips. She will show you a foolproof swaddle and take the fear out of a breast pump. Lisa is trustworthy. Your baby will always be in loving hands when in Lisa’s care. She is a pleasure to have in your life during this special time.

She has research-based knowledge and is full of practical mommy tips. She will show you a foolproof swaddle and take the fear out of a breast pump.

Lisa loves what she does and it is evident in how she goes above and beyond for her families. Lisa showed me tips for my gassy baby. She did laundry and made me food. She accompanied me to doctor’s appointments. She helped me to identify my son’s food allergy. She alerted me to what was to come so I would not be alarmed when it happened. She helps support the entire family, including grandparents and great-grandparents. And if your family is not local, she acts as a surrogate.

Lisa has a gift for gentle encouragement. Without Lisa I would have never met my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my son. On days when I was ready to quit nursing, she compassionately acknowledged how difficult it was and encouraged me to give it one more day since she knew it was my goal to breastfeed for at least a year. After two and a half months, I finally was able to to exclusively breastfeed . My son is now 15 months old, and I am still nursing. In those difficult moments, Lisa kept things in perspective through her great sense of humor. She helped me enjoy each day despite the challenges.

Lisa does what she promises to do, which is help you feel confident as a mom and work herself out of a job. I am grateful to Lisa for providing me with the tools and solid foundation to be a great single mom.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Stephanie C., JD (& Baby William)”


As a postpartum doula, it’s easy for me to explain what I do and the services I provide, but to hear the benefits from a mother’s perspective brings it to life!

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Lisa Falkenstein is the owner of, and a postpartum doula at Nurtured Foundation, LLC. We proudly offer the Cleveland, Ohio area with birth and postpartum services including: day & night doula care, lactation education, postpartum education, infant massage instruction, and much, much more!

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