Questions For Your Birth Photographer


Suddenly, with two pink lines, your life is about to change. You’re going to welcome a new little one to the family, and you’re mind is probably swirling with all the wonderful things you want to do. On your list may, or may not be, hiring a birth photographer. You might just want to know more! Here are some common questions about what birth photography is- and isn’t.


So, what is birth photography?


Birth photography is much more than just capturing your birth. It’s capturing your partner’s expression when they first see their new bundle of joy. It’s capturing grandma’s excitement when she sees her new grandbaby. It’s capturing all the small moments you might be missing while you’re doing the most important work there, bringing new life into the world. There is nothing better than both you and your partner being present in the moments, not trying to capture it.


As your birth photographer, it is my job to respect your wishes and only photograph the moments you want captured. Some moms enjoy seeing more graphic images of their birth, and some moms prefer not to. My goal is to give you fond memories of one of the most important days of your life.


Why should I hire a birth photographer?


Why wouldn’t you? Let me ask you this- did you hire a photographer when you got married? Probably. It was an important event that you spend a lot of time prepping for, right? So is the birth of your baby, and most likely even more so. You’ve spent nine months preparing for this moment. Investing in your birth portraits is something you’ll never forget, being able to look back on them forever and share them with your children. For such a momentous occasion, don’t stress about hoping family was able to grab a few shots.


How does this all work?


When you hit 38 weeks, I go on call. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And yes, even on holidays! I will stay in contact with you and keep updates on how you’re doing. When you think you’re in active labor, I will head to you…be it your home or the hospital. I will stay with you through out your labor, and for a few hours afterward to grab those important moments of bonding, weighing, and memory making.

Can I meet you beforehand?


Absolutely! I want you to be comfortable with me, and make sure I am the right fit for you. I am more than happy to set up in person meetings with all my clients, where ever is most comfortable for you.


How long have you been a birth photographer?


I have been photographing births for four years now. I have seen it all, and nothing scares or surprises me. After the birth of my first child, I wished I had more photos of the days. For my second, we hired our doula to take some images- but she had another important job to do…be my birth support! I loved the few photos I had, but craved more. I decided I wanted to provide this service for families, and it has been a blessing and honor to walk this amazing journey with each and every one.

Your birth is important, and the moments are fleeting. Invest in your birth, invest in your memories.


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