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Amanda D | Meet The Doulas

Amanda D

Birth Doula serving Toledo & SE Michigan

I’m a DONA trained birth doula. My passion for birth began when I became pregnant with my daughter. The way the female body works and the strength it has, really fascinated me during pregnancy more than anything. I was determined to make my birth an enjoyable experience that didn’t leave me traumatized or feeling like a failure. I studied hypnobabies, taught my husband pain management methods and really became in tune with my body. My husband acted as my Doula, you could say. I realized soon after that, THAT’S what I wanted to do. I want to help women feel empowered during birth. I want to be their support no matter what type of birth they want. I want to be their voice when they need one. 

My daughter Persephone has welcomed many new passions for me including breastfeeding, and the bond it’s given me and my baby. Even going through a lip and tongue tie, pumping at work, etc. So becoming a certified lactation consultant is hopefully in my near future as well. 

In my free time, I love to bake and take photos. I even have a small custom cake business out of my home. I hope to grow my photography business as well and begin photographing births in addition. 

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