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Madison Hendry

Birth Doula

Madison Hendry, transitioned into motherhood in 2014. As a visual artist and recent graduate in 2011 with a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, she began to see a shift in her artwork, career, and perspective on life. Her artwork has been exhibited and published internationally and included in pioneering events such as, Project AfterBirth; the first ever international exhibition based on the subject of early parenthood.

With the premature birth of her second son, Madison became fascinated with the dynamics of the mother/infant relationship. She realized her touch, sound, smell, milk, and relationship with him were not only beneficial; she was essential and played an active role in his development. The process of having a premature infant taught her to listen to her instincts and child’s needs and respond to them. Madison received a scholarship and completed her Breastfeeding Educator Certification with Birth Arts International in 2018. She has gone on to complete her Birth Doula and Kangaroula training through Birth Works.

After her own experience with high risk pregnancy and a lengthy NICU stay, her passion has become working with high risk and NICU families with prenatal and postpartum services that are customized to each family needs.

She resides on the west side of Cleveland with her husband, two sons and daughter.

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