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Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialists | Day & Night

Cleveland Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist Services

Cleveland Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doula & newborn care specialist services are designed to be able to assist in the physical and emotional care of the birthing parent and families in the days and nights, weeks and months following the birth/adoption of a child as well as infant education and care. Our day time Postpartum doulas & newborn care specialists are professionals experienced in:

  • Assisting in the care physically and emotionally of the parent and infant.
  • Helps with breast/chest-feeding, ongoing lactation support and education, bottle feeding and assists with pumps.
  • Provides evidence-based articles and research on various infant and postpartum issues.
  • Non-judgmental support for each parenting style and family dynamic.
  • Helps in house management with light cleaning, laundry, running errands, and organizing.
  • Nurtures not only the parent and infant but the whole family.
  • Support day and/or night with multiples.
  • Educates on infant care and soothing techniques.
  • Provides many resources for community referrals for additional care.
  • Can accompany the parent(s) and infant to postpartum office visits, including Lactation Consultant & Wellness appointments.
  • Creates a calm, comfortable, and relaxing home environment in which you can bond as a family.
  • Helping families with older siblings adjust as well as helping families learn to balance their growing family.


Need overnight care? Allow us to help you get some rest!

Toledo Postpartum Doula

Unlike a baby nurse or night nanny, our overnight postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists’ care are focused on more than just the newborn. Many of our families breast/chest-feed and/or pump throughout the night as well as formula feed. Let our overnight postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists assist you to minimize your awake time. We can also offer tips and tricks to help you make things go more smoothly during the nights on which our overnight postpartum doulas & newborn care specialists are not with you. Instilling healthy sleep habits from day one is our goal!

Our team of Akron & Cleveland postpartum doulas & newborn care specialists recognize that every family has different and changing needs based on the day or night and family dynamic. Each day or night of service is tailor-made to meet the needs of YOUR family.

  • Complete nighttime care for infant(s) while parents get some much-needed rest!
  • Bottle feeding, diaper changes, bathing, soothing and extra cuddles.
  • The infant can be brought to the mother for nursing as well.
  • All bottles, pumping supplies, and other baby items will be cleaned and ready to go for you the next morning.
  • Helping you design a healthy nighttime routine from day 1.
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How Does It Work?

Generally, Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists work in 4 to 5 hour day shifts and 8-9 hour night shifts. Most postpartum doulas & newborn care specialists offer different packages based on hours/days/nights.

Since every family has different needs, we have found discussing each family’s individual needs allows us to customize a package. Please contact us to discuss a package that is right for you!


All postpartum doulas/newborn care specialists are independent contractors with Nurtured Foundation.  Rest assured, they all have met the exceptional standards of care that Nurtured Foundation is founded on.


I was blessed to have Ashley at my home for the first eight nights after I gave birth to my little girl. Ashley was amazing! She helped me though many new challenges and made me feel so comforted. She came to my home as a stranger and left as a friend. I was so fortunate.
Kelly L.
Amanda was wonderful – we used her for several nights. She was available on very short notice, which we really appreciated. She was great with our son and he was so comfortable with her. She allowed me to get plenty of rest and helped us figure out the best way to get our son to sleep. In addition, she was genuinely a nice and caring person…it was the best decision we made during the early weeks!
Kristina W.
The best decision we made with our daughter’s birth was to hire Nurtured Foundation Doula Services – Ashley supported us through the birth experience, while Lisa helped us once we brought our daughter home from the NICU. Being a first-time mom and an only child myself, I was unfamiliar with babies in general. Needless to say, both hubby and I needed all the help we could get and called Nurtured Foundation to help us navigate this new adventure. Ashley was friendly, professional, and helpful in navigating through my birth preferences. Over the course of a coupe hours, we had a birth plan drafted and I felt calm about giving birth, thanks to the preparation and discussion with Ashley. When the big day came unexpectedly, I felt a sense of overall calm knowing that Ashley would be by my side- even though the birth plan went out the window! She was wonderful coach, and I don’t regret having her on my team. Even though she ended up having to coach me through less than one intense hour of labor! ? Our daughter was a preemie, and so we felt extra cautious bringing her home from the NICU. Lisa was wonderful with our daughter – not only did she have plenty of experience with post-NICU babies (and twins at that!), she totally fell in love with our daughter, treating her just as she would her own baby. Lisa is a true baby whisperer, and was immensely helpful in showing me her super-practical methods for feeding, bathing, diaper changes, baby carriers, and the list goes on and on. I could trust Lisa to feed and entertain my little one so I could take a nap. She also did light housework so I could hold my little one instead of worrying about the laundry or the dishes piling up. She even loaded my daughter into the stroller and the three of us took walks around the neighborhood when I felt too “cooped up.” With Lisa’s help, I was able to gain lots of “mommy confidence” in just a few short weeks. Nurtured Foundation turned what could have been a stressful experience into an enjoyable one!
Melissa H.

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