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Families have a myriad of choices to make during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Nurtured Foundation strives to provide you the nonjudgmental support and education you need to navigate through these wonderful, yet challenging times! You decide what is best for your family. We ensure you are unconditionally and professionally supported in those decisions. We serve you and your family with the love and acceptance you deserve.

Our Mission

Individualized, professional  and nonjudgemental family support.

Our Cleveland doula and newborn care services include birth doulas, high risk birth planning, postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, overnight newborn care, placenta encapsulation, lactation support, in-home postpartum & prenatal massage and sleep training. We also offer private breast/chest-feeding classes including back to work preparation.

About Nurtured Foundation
Supporting the Family & Caring for the Newborn

Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists

Cleveland postpartum doula & newborn care services are designed to be able to assist in the physical and emotional care of the parent and their family in the days, weeks and months following the birth/adoption of a child as well as educate families on the newborn behaviors & needs.

Services are offered through the day. Mornings and evenings tend to be the most helpful.

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Maximizing your sleep & instilling healthy sleep habits

Overnight Newborn Care

Cleveland area newborn care specialist & postpartum doula overnight care   (also known as a night nanny or baby nurse) is focused on more than just the newborn. Many of our families breast/chest-feed and/or pump throughout the night.

Let our overnight care specialists assist you to minimize your awake time, get a good nights rest and establish healthy sleep habits for your newborn.

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Helping babies & families get the rest they deserve.

Sleep Consulting

Our sleep consulting will ensure you and baby get the rest and routine you need to be your best.  All sleep consulting services, like all our services, are customized to address YOUR family’s philosophies and specific needs. Helping your child learn how to sleep independently does NOT have to mean they cry-it-out!

We serve the Cleveland area and nationwide with our sleep training services.

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Encouraging Your Positive Birth Experience

Birth Doulas

Pregnancy and childbirth is a miraculous time, but navigating pregnancy and preparing for childbirth can be uncertain, challenging and even intimidating! Our Cleveland birth doula services are here to help guide and navigate you through the many unknowns to ensure you have a happy, positive birth experience.

We have added High Risk Birth Planning for our families that may have unique needs and those who may be spending time in the NICU. All planning and support is by a doula that was high risk and spent time in the NICU which brings you training and first hand experience.

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What People Are Saying…

Lisa is a gifted postpartum doula. She provides a sense of calm, slows down the clock, and helps moms to experience the joy of their newborn in those early, intimidating, sleep-deprived days of motherhood. She has researched-based knowledge and is full of practical mommy tips...Lisa has the gift of encouragement. She does what she promises to do, which is to help you feel confident as a mom and work herself out of a job. I am grateful to Lisa for providing me with the tools and solid foundation to be a great single mom.- Stephanie C., JD Shaker Heights
The best decision we made with our daughter's birth was to hire Nurtured Foundation Doula Services - Ashley supported us through the birth experience while Lisa helped us once we brought our daughter home from the NICU. I am a first-time mom and only child, and unfamiliar with babies in general. Needless to say, both hubby and I needed all the help we could get and called Nurtured Foundation to help us navigate this new adventure.</p> <p>Ashley was friendly, professional, and helpful in navigating through my birth preferences. Over the course of a coupe hours, we had a birth plan drafted and I felt calm about giving birth, thanks to the preparation and discussion with Ashley. When the big day came unexpectedly, I felt a sense of overall calm knowing that Ashley would be by my side even though the birth plan went out the window! She was wonderful coach and I don't regret having her on my team even though she ended up having to coach me through less than one intense hour of labor! 🙂 Our daughter was a preemie, and so we felt extra cautious bringing her home from the NICU. Lisa was wonderful with our daughter - not only did she have plenty of experience with post-NICU babies (and twins at that!), she totally fell in love with our daughter, treating her just as she would her own baby. Lisa is a true baby whisperer, and was immensely helpful in showing me her super-practical methods for feeding, bathing, diaper changes, baby carriers, and the list goes on and on. I could trust Lisa to feed and entertain my little one so I could take a nap. She also did light housework so I could hold my little one instead of worry about the laundry or the dishes piling up. She even loaded my daughter into the stroller and the three of us took walks around the neighborhood when I felt too ``cooped up``. With Lisa's help, I was able to gain lots of ``mommy confidence`` in a few short weeks. Nurtured Foundation turned what could have been a stressful experience into an enjoyable one!- Melissa H., Bay Village (NICU mom)
I can't say enough wonderful things about Nurtured Foundation. We used them for both birth doula and postpartum doula services. I was scheduled for a c-section as the baby was transverse and 2 weeks before, he decided to flip. I didn't have a birth plan and contacted Nurtured Foundation to help although I never expecting them to have availability. Fortunately they did and Lisa was extremely accommodating with my last minute request. The team of Ashley and Joelle contacted me right away and came to my home for the prenatal visit. They put me at ease and helped create a birth plan. They also provided guidance for what to do while I labored at home. I ended up being induced and Joelle was on call. She was fantastic: encouraging me through contractions, helping me focus and giving me different positions. The baby was in distress and I ended up having a c-section and she was extremely comforting during a very stressful delivery. With such a good experience, we decided to use Nurtured Foundation for postpartum services as well. Merav was incredible! Having 3 children and being an RN, she provided excellent guidance and encouragement. She also has a comforting presence which was much needed at that time. Jessica was a delight. Her passion for her work was extremely evident and our son loved sleeping in her arms. I highly recommend Nurtured Foundation!!!- Jennifer R., Lakewood
We had an amazing experience with Nurtured Foundation as we welcomed our twins into the world. Ashley was our night doula and played a critical role in the earliest days of having our girls home. She helped two exhausted parents get much-needed rest and even found that one of our girls had tongue-tie and lip-tie, which the pediatrician did not find! She referred us to a local pediatric dentist and we got it addressed immediately. She also helped us lay a great sleep foundation with our girls and was very communicative with us on how each night went, observations and suggestions. I'd highly recommend Nurtured Foundation to any family.- Jennifer R., Seven Hills (twin mom)
Would recommend Briana to any new mom who is breastfeeding and or exclusively pumping. Being a new mom of newborn twins who've spent time in the NICU I was having issues with latching and pumping enough production of milk for my boys. Briana come to my home and showed me tips for not just breastfeeding but pumping options as well; her techniques and advice we're so helpful!!! Even after our session we continue to talk and she's a great source of encouragement and support!!! Thank you 😊- Jennifer B., Westlake (twin mom)
Everyone that has worked with our family from Nurtured Foundation was so caring, sensitive to our family needs and knowledgeable on helping me as a first time mom. I wish I would have known about them sooner ( I didn’t contract them until about 10 days after having the baby- a friend recommended them to me and they would have been so helpful the first couple of nights home if I had found them sooner)! With my next I will make sure to have them lined up in advance as they make those first couple days/weeks/months easier on mom and dad. Our doula stayed with us up until my son was 6 months old and we even brought her on 2 vacations with us for the added help of regulating and promoting good naps, helping with introducing solid foods, and keeping baby on a routine. They helped my baby learn good sleep habits since he was a newborn and has slept through the night since he was 4 months old. I cannot rave more about this company and all the wonderful people who have helped my journey into motherhood!- Shannon K., Pepper Pike

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Serving the Following Areas

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