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Postpartum Doula

Setting up parents for success in their important journey has always been my passion! My degree in Early Childhood Development led me on a path to becoming a professional nanny for ten wonderful years. As I’ve helped many families along the way I’ve learned a thing or two. On top of these experiences, I’ve expanded my expertise with DONA International and Birth Arts International training in postpartum doula work, in order to know the latest evidence-based practices.

Be it physical, informational, or emotional, I’m there to aid in supporting new parents and baby in the first year following birth. My role includes educating on responsive baby care and supporting the family through feeding, cleaning up, giving hugs, and going on walks. Whether it’s baby feeding methods or the best safe-sleeping practices, I want to help guide and nurture your family. My goal is to partner with you as parents in order to help make your growing family as healthy and happy as possible.

I’m there to meet you on an emotional level with compassion, calm, and caring. Let’s schedule a consultation and help me set your family up for success. I want to empower and validate your feelings so that you can see the beauty of what I see: a person growing into their remarkable new role as a parent.

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