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Nutritional Services

Aubrey Phelps MS, RDN, PPCES, IFNCP

Aubrey has always loved nutrition and been fascinated by pregnancy. She is passionate about supporting women in every stage of their journey, whether that be improving their cycles, optimizing fertility, helping them conceive, supporting a healthy, nourished pregnancy, replenishing postpartum, navigating the transition to solids, or the ever-frustrating picky eater.

Because health and wellness is multi-faceted, Aubrey takes an integrative and holistic approach, working to discover and address the root causes of imbalance. She wants women to feel safe and empowered in their health, pregnancy, and as a momma. Aubrey is a registered nutritionist, has her master’s in dietetics, is a Pre- and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner. As a momma to three herself, Aubrey has personal experience with a wide range of challenges, from reflux (hello, first baby that nearly drove her mad), and then pre-eclampsia (30 weeker with 7 week NICU stay, a severe feeding aversion and a feeding tube), to 3 miscarriages and a rainbow baby with a tongue tie (yea for a VBA2C!), Aubrey has worked to nourish her body and stay active during pregnancy and after, while providing breastmilk for each baby and battling postpartum anxiety. Her professional training and education, paired with her own personal experiences have given her insight and knowledge to support mommas in every phase of motherhood.

With Aubrey, you will:

To uncover the root cause(s) impacting your health and balance, we’ll review:

-your current health and medical history
-past and present symptoms
-any lab data you have/new lab results as needed
-your own story, concerns, and goals

Using my professional expertise, I will craft a holistic, full body plan unique to you, combining medical nutrition therapy, nurturing food, lifestyle techniques, and supplements as needed.

We’ll establish tangible goals so you can assess your progress. Some will be met immediately, while others may take time. We’ll discuss realistic timelines for progress, and you’ll feel supported and confident in every phase of the journey. From regulating your period, optimizing your fertility, or a healthy pregnancy, to helping you feel your best and recover postpartum, or navigating the challenge of family meals and feeding your little one, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Motherhood can be stressful and overwhelming; you don’t have to navigate it alone. Aubrey supports clients in the Cleveland area and surrounding cities, offering virtual/phone* consults to fit your hectic schedule and baby’s nap demands.

*in person consults may be available if desired, depending on location and availability

Optimized Pregnancy

  • trying to conceive
  • support a healthy pregnancy
  • ease common challenges of pregnancy like morning sickness, joint pain, insomnia
  • work to prevent or mitigate complications (Gestational Diabetes, pre-eclampsia)
  • prepare for labor and postpartum

Includes*: 1 hour initial assessment + 3 30-minute follow-ups + unlimited e-mail support for 9 months

Postpartum Restoration

  • replenish body after birth
  • support breastfeeding
  • start to heal the body, core, and pelvic floor
  • reduce effects of mood and hormone shifts
  • address food sensitivities for baby

Includes*: 1 hour initial assessment + 30-minute follow-up + unlimited e-mail support for 6 months

Feeding Baby

  • how and when to start solids
  • recipe ideas for the whole family
  • stop picky eating
  • support for food allergies
  • help with digestive issues like constipation and reflux
  • assess growth and development

Includes: 30-minute initial assessment + 30-minute follow-up + unlimited e-mail support for 3 months

A la Carte

  • extra time/follow-up for continued support
  • additional services like meal plans

Includes*: 60 minutes of consult time

*supplements, if needed, can be ordered for reduced cost by practitioner

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