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Virtual Lactation Classes

Breastfeeding: Getting the Right Start

This 1.5-2 hour class  is designed for the expectant parents and partners.

It covers breast anatomy, nipple evaluation, positioning and latch-on, evaluating a feeding, sore nipples, engorgement, nipple confusion and much more. It is designed to empower you and give you multiple resources to use throughout your breastfeeding journey.

You also will be able to have a phone call with Lisa after baby has arrived to answer any additional questions you may have.

The Employed Breastfeeding Parent

This 1 hour class is designed for those parents who will be going back to work while breastfeeding.  There is a half hour question and answer session following the class.

“How am I going to keep up breastfeeding and work?” This is a question working parents face every day and it seems overwhelming. This class describes how to successfully combine working and breasfeeding. Includes how to select a pump and milk storage. You will leave empowered and with solid resources.

You also will be able to have a phone call with Lisa after you return to work to answer any additional questions you may have.

Virtual Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum & Newborn Consultations

As a society we spend most of our time preparing for pregnancy and birth. What happens when baby arrives and how do we prepare for the transition? Not everyone wants or needs the in-home care of a postpartum doula or newborn care specialist, but do want some support for the transition to postpartum and parenthood. Babies don’t come with manuals. Not all issues with our newborns are medical and don’t warrant a call to the pediatrician, but are important and need answered. This is where our Postpartum & Newborn Consultant comes in.

If you have questions on postpartum care for the birthing person and newborn care, we are here to help. Our virtual consultation package offer support with:

  • Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding/formula/bottle feeding support
  • Engorgement issues
  • Postpartum recovery & challenges
  • Setting up a healthy sleep environment
  • Planning and implementing an overnight routine
  • Promoting healthy sleep habits
  • Creating a feeding/sleep schedule
  • Recommendations for local resources
  • Bathing and infant hygiene
  • Planning your childcare needs
  • Nursery Basics
  • Newborn Safety
  • Troubleshooting issues that may arise
  • Milestones
  • Ways to track the basics of diapers & feeds
  • Pumping basics
  • Answering all your questions
  • And more…
  • Also included is our Sleep Guide for 0-4 Months(pdf)

Once we have established the areas you would like more information on, we can schedule a time that is convenient for you to have our consultation appointment. We want you to be comfort with our consults and that’s why we offer virtual, phone, and email support.

Not sure what you need?
We can discuss which options would be best in our 15 minute, no cost initial phone consult.

All consultations are with Nurtured Foundation’s owner, Lisa Falkenstein.

Lisa’s educational training includes:

  • Certified Postpartum Doula
  • Newborn Care Specialist
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Certified Breastfeeding Educator
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)
  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies

Virtual Postpartum & Newborn Consultation Packages:

Virtual Support for the First Month:

  • Week 1: 1 hour virtual consultation
  • Week 2: 1 hour virtual consultation
  • Week 3: 45 min virtual consultation
  • Week 4: 45 min virtual consultation
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Healthy Sleep Guide for 0-4 months

Ala Carte

  • 30 minute virtual/phone call
  • 1 hour virtual/phone call
  • Resource Guides access to our sleep guide & postpartum planning workbook (pdf formats)

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