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Cleveland Postpartum & Overnight Doula, LGBTQ+ Ally

I started my own mom journey in 2007 after an 8yr fertility battle. My husband had been deployed to Iraq 2 months prior to me giving birth. Thankfully, I was surrounded by other military wives. My own mother was only able to visit for a few weeks but her support during this time was imperative. Without this support I would have been lost. I became very passionate about supporting other moms, just as I was, during the 4th trimester. For many years I volunteered through Mothers Of Preschoolers until 2018 when a friend and Doula told me that this was an actual career option. As soon as I was able to get certified, I did.  Since my certification I have been passionate about supporting not just moms but the whole family.

My husband of 25 years and I, along with our two sons have recently relocated from Denver, Colorado to the Northern Ohio area. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know our new surroundings. When I am not supporting other families I enjoy spending time with my own family. We love crafting, painting, visiting historical sites and eating/riding rides at Cedar Point.

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