Postpartum Planning

Postpartum: What’s your plan???

You are pregnant! Yay! Let the planning begin. You will get online and start reading about all the things you will need to do to prepare for the next eight plus months. First, you need to research an OBGYN and with that comes which hospital you will want to go to for delivery. Then you start researching everything related to pregnancy and birth: fetal growth, your body changes, pediatricians, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, maternity leave policies at work, birth doulasbirth plans, nursery colors, paint colors and on and on.

Pregnancy and birth are so exciting! So you have done all your prepartions. Classes are completed, doctors selected, maternaty leave is set, nursery is complete and now you wait for the big day. The big day arrives and in a perfect world all goes as planned. All those months of prepartion have paid off. Baby is here!

You spend a couple days in the hospital and then you are on your way home. Now what? You have a postpartum plan, right? You spent time researching the postpartum period, ahem?

You are not alone. Most families bring their baby home and feel like, “What now?”. This is where having a postpartum plan would have been beneficial. As a postpartum doula serving the Cleveland area, I have found many families feeling ill prepared and overwhelmed with the postpartum period.

I have designed aPostpartum Planning Classthat I teach on the west and east sides of Cleveland, Ohio. The class involves anything and everything to do with the postpartum time. Some topics covered are:

Mother’s physical recovery

Mother’s emotional recovery

Relationship changes


Basic Infant Care including diapering, bathing, umbilical cord & circumcision

Sex after Baby

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Meal Planning

and many more!

If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area, I offer theseclasses on both the east and westside. If you are not in the Cleveland area and would like more information on how to prepare for the postpartum period, please feel free tocontact me.I would be happy to point you in the right direction to help you prepare for this beautiful postpartum time in your life!

Lisa is a postpartum doula in Cleveland , Ohio and owner of Nurtured Foundation Postpartum Doula Services. She offers day/night doula care, lactation support, infant massage instruction, belly binding and classes in Postpartum Planning and Breastfeeding.

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