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Virtual Birth Doula

Virtual Doula Services

Virtual Birth Doula (Option 1)

For hospitals not allowing in person birth doula support, we are offering virtual birth doula support. We will attend in person where hospital policy allows. Our in-person birth doula services can be found here.

Our preference is to meet face-to-face and be by your side as you navigate the joys and challenges of new parenthood. Due to the need for social distancing, we are trying to continue to offer support that families need from a safe distance. We are offering virtual birth doula support for hospitals that are not allowing us to come in person.

Birth Planning (Option 2)

Don’t feel virtual labor support is for you but still want to be able to have a plan for your birth?  Then our birth planning package is for you! This option allows you to work with a birth doula and make a plan.  Your doula will also prepare you on what to expect while giving birth during COVID.

Our virtual birth doula services (option 1) include:

  • A professional and knowledgable virtual birth doula and back up.
  • Phone and email support during business hours from 9-5p from contract signing to birth.
  • A virtual doula who is on-call 24/7 for your birth (virtually) from the moment you sign your contract.
  • (3-4 based on preference) prenatal virtual/phone visits with your virtual doula so you can get to know your doula, discuss your birth preferences, address any questions and/or concerns and thoroughly prepare you for your birth.
  • A customized birth plan made with your birth doula.
  • Continuous virtual labor support from the start of active labor until you are settled in and holding your new baby. There is never a limit of hours of support, nor extra fees for a longer labor.
  • Emotional support during labor to increase comfort and suggestions for optimal positioning.
  • A birth doula who offers guidance and support for your partner to help them best support you during labor. We wish for them to have a happy, positive experience too!
  • A postpartum virtual visit, if requested, to see how you are adjusting in the postpartum period and answer any questions you may have in regards to baby and postpartum healing.
  • Virtual doulas who have regular continuing education.
  • Professionally trained birth doulas who work as a team with your birth professionals!

Birth planning (option 2) includes:

  • Two prenatal visits with a birth doula
  • Preparation for birthing during COVID- what to expect
  • Two follow up emails to ask any additional questions
  • A customized birth plan to present to your provider and nursing staff
  • Service provided by an experienced birth doula

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